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Sample Report

Our reporting system is state of the art. Using our laptop computers and digital cameras, the report contains easy to understand text/checklist information, and includes an unlimited number of color photos. Someone once said, "a photo is worth a thousand words". The photos in the report provide an extremely helpful visual of what the text is describing. This is especially important for those who cannot attend the inspection.  In the following sample report, the cover page, roof page, roof additional photos page, heating page, attic page, and summary page are filled out for your viewing.View a sample report »

Report Design

The top of each page is where we list the general spaces and components that we inspected. This area may also include ages of systems, typical life expectancies, limitations, etc.

The bottom of each page is where we type our findings. We categorize these under: Major Concerns/Safety Hazards, Repairs, Items to Monitor, Maintenance/Improvements, and General Comments/Limitations. Items listed as Major concerns/Safety Hazards and Repairs are also copied to the Summary Page for your quick viewing. At the right of each page is where the photos are listed. The photos are conveniently numbered and will be referred to in the text comments.

Each of the report pages has the capability of an additional photos page. This allows us to include about 18 photos per system.