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   Home inspections can help you buy or sell your home with confidence.  As trained professionals, we can provide you with valuable information to make you a knowledgeable consumer. Homebuyers will better understand the condition of the property they are investing in. We are trained to identify problems small and large and help you prioritize your concerns. We can help a seller understand  how serious any findings are and help decide which items should be immediately addressed and which can wait. The more you know about your home can help put you in a better buying/selling condition and help prepare you for negotiations.

General Home Inspection

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    Our general inspection is a detailed visual review of the major components in the home. This includes the roof, exterior, grounds, garage/outbuildings, heating/cooling systems, plumbing system, electrical system, kitchen/laundry, bathrooms, interior rooms, attic, and foundation systems. Our computerized reporting system includes hundreds of digital photos. As certified members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (Member # 000428), our  inspections are performed above and beyond the standards set by ASHI.

See our Inspection Overview for more details »

Radon Testing

    SIMLER Inspections is licensed to perform radon testing. (License # RT00099) We use Radalink radon monitors.  Radalink is the leader in radon testing. The monitors provide hourly readings of the radon levels and they include tamperproof devices. The test results are sent immediately after the monitor is picked up. Radon monitors must set in a property for a minimum of two days.  Therefore, if time is of importance, we can set the monitor two days before the home inspection is performed. See Radon FAQ » 

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

    SIMLER Inspections is licensed to perform termite/wood destroying insect inspections. (License # 29832) We document this on the state forms.

Well and Water Inspection

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    SIMLER Inspections can perform well flow tests to assure there is adequate water supply to the property.  We run water from, at least, two spigots in the property for about 45 minutes. We monitor the flow during that time, and measure the flow rate at the end of the test.  SIMLER Inspection is licensed to perform water quality tests (License # 3322). We can test for bacteria (coliform and ecoli), nitrites, nitrates, lead, etc.

Septic Stress Test

   SIMLER Inspections is registered to perform septic stress test in certain counties.This inspection is a very detailed review of the septic system. The lids are first opened and measurements taken. We then place tracer dye into the system and run about sixty gallons of water per bedroom into the septic.  We monitor the levels and drainage during this test to check for system back ups, dye breakout, or other malfunctions.

Mold Testing

    SIMLER Inspections performs a visual inspection for mold as part of the general home inspection. If we see discoloration that could be mold growing, we can perform a direct sample test. We send this sample to our EPA registered lab, EMSL Analytical, Inc. for analysis. See Mold FAQ »

Lead Paint Testing

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    SIMLER Inspections can perform limited lead paint testing. We remove lead paint chips in the house and send them to EMSL Analytical Lab for analysis. See Lead FAQ »