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"I have recommended SIMLER Inspections for the past twenty years. As a Realtor, my goal is to provide my client with the most professional services that I can. In my opinion, the home inspectors job is to deliver an honest independent evaluation. I feel SIMLER Inspections are very fair and honest. They take time with the client explaining their findings and are very good at putting the issues into a proper perspective. Their reporting system is above and beyond what other inspectors in the area provide. The easy to follow text and digital color photos greatly aid the client and makes them feel comfortable in making their decision. The two-man inspection shortens the inspection time while at the same time providing a thorough inspection."

—Peggy J., Realtor with Cutler Homes


"We used SIMLER Inspection when purchasing our lake house. The inspectors were extremely professional. We especially like the fact that they climbed onto the roof and into the attic. They went out of their way to answer our questions. The report was very professional and the photos extremely helpful. We would recommend them to our friends and family."

—Vicky and Frank S., Buyer


"I hired SIMLER Inspections and was completely satisfied with the entire process. I felt they were very professional, courteous, informative, and helpful. I was especially appreciative of the fact that they returned to the house after the snow melted off of the roof to re-inspect it for me. I'm already telling my friends what a great job they did."

—Martin L., Buyer


"I am very thankful that I choose SIMLER Inspections to perform the inspection on my, soon to be, new home. I appreciate both the professional manner and the comprehensive evaluation that was performed. I was truly impressed."

—Kim C., Buyer


"We chose SIMLER Inspections for two home inspections. They discovered a major structural issue with the first home we were considering that likely saved us thousands of dollars. The second inspection turned out to be a much better choice for us. We were very satisfied with the service."

—Joan S., Buyer


   "I have a list of 3 preferred providers for home inspection services. For the past 8 years, I have used and  continue to use SIMLER Home Inspections because of professionalism that conveys to my clients. The reports are thorough, professionally prepared, and categorized in a fashion that helps the parties associated with the transaction comprehend the items that surfaced. When compared to other home inspection reports, his written opinion of findings is delivered in a simple format making it easy to understand leaving nothing to interpretation. SIMLER Inspections understand the timeliness of the inspection time frame. They are flexible to schedule appointments as needed and accommodating to all parties of the transaction. I believe that SIMLER Inspections is a trusted business partner and viable to my continued business through referrals."

-B.J. W., Columbus Realtor